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Choose preferences

You can customise various aspects of the display of each map by setting preferences. This includes setting the width of the map, the height of the map, the level of zooming, what types of rights of way are output and the colours, styles and widths of the coloured lines that are used to show the rights of way. You can also indicate whether to show transport stops (e.g., bus stops) on each map. If you wish you can also customise the colours and styles that are used to show these stops. These settings will be used for each map and will be retained for use when you next visit this web site with the same browser.

You do not currently have any preferences set. You have two choices:

  • If you do not wish to set any preferences, click the do not make any changes button.
  • If you wish to set some preferences, alter the values below and click the update preferences with the above values button.
types of ROWs to be output
colours (and styles) used  for the ROWs
show transport stops such as bus stops

If you do choose to set some preferences, this web site will attempt to use a persistent cookie to store your preferences. In this way, your preferences will be used when you next visit this web site with the same browser. Although cookies have been used by web sites for many years, a change to the UK law in May 2011 means that a web site now has to ensure that you agree to cookies being created. If you choose to set some preferences and later you wish to change your mind, there will be a button on this page which enables you to delete your preferences and remove this cookie.

There is more about cookies at the www.allaboutcookies.org web site.