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Problem with CC/334/FP9X or Neston FP9

A map is shown below. The underlying map is an Ordnance Survey 1:25000 map that has been produced by Bing. On the underlying map, public rights of way (PROW) are indicated by dashed green lines. Solid lines have been superimposed on top of the underlying map (and will usually hide these dashed green lines). A solid red line signifies a footpath, a solid magenta line signfies a bridleway, a solid green line signifies a restricted byway and a solid blue line signifies a byway open to all traffic (BOAT). These solid lines have been produced from data obtained from the Council of Cheshire West and Chester (CC) and from the Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (WR). You can click on a solid line to get more details about that PROW. You can click on the + and - buttons to zoom in/out.

The A540 appears on the left-hand side of the map. A footpath leaves the A540 between the Grange Country Club and Ashfield Farm. This is CC/334/FP9X/2. It is indicated by a red line. But it is very short (0.027K). Then there is a gap before there is another red line which is footpath CC/334/FP9X/1. On the map on the N side of the two red lines and the gap there is the text "Met Dist Bdy" and to the S of the two red lines and the gap there is the text "UA and CP Bdy".

So there is a gap in the footpath. And again, from the lack of data from CC, I'm guessing that this is because CC think the gap is in WR.

  1. is there a need for WR to include the footpath in their PROW data?
  2. have WR instead included this path in their list of streets?
  3. do CC and WR disagree on the line of the boundary between CC and WR?

The underlying green line continues to the NE of footpath CC/334/FP9X/1 crossing over the B5136, passing Yew Tree Farm and continuing as far as its junction with footpath WR/49 at spotheight 48. All the way along this stretch the path is straddling the boundary between CC and WR. Because the green line that is either side of the B5136 is on the underlying map, the Ordnance Survey alleges that this is a PROW. It is unclear as to which side of the boundary the path is. And the path is not included in the data of either council.

  1. is there a need for CC/WR to include this path in their PROW data?
  2. have CC/WR instead included this path in their list of streets?

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